Improve Your Cooking Experience with Induction

Monogram Induction CooktopWith your glass cooktop, you have enjoyed easy cleanup and a flat surface that makes moving pans on and off burners easy. Take all of the things you love, add several unique features along with an amazing cooking method, and you get the Café™, Profile™ and Monogram® cooktops from GE that will greatly improve your flat top cooking experience.

Induction technology uses a magnetic field to heat only the pan, making the induction cooktop surface not covered by cookware cool to the touch. That means it is safer for your smallest kitchen helpers and your plastic ware.

Glide Touch Controls allow you to precisely control the temperature with the tip of your finger. You have this technology on your smartphone, and now you have it in your kitchen. Plus this means that there are no knobs to clean around or collect crumbs. Seamless, clean, easy, precise.

Multi-Element Timers allow you to customize a timer for each burner and set them to automatically turn off.

SyncBurners allow you to maintain the temperature of two elements with one control, so griddles or other large cookware can heat evenly. GE’s stainless steel clad aluminum griddle is lightweight and tailored to fit SyncBurners.

Everything is at the tip of your fingers with this innovative and energy-efficient appliance.

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