A Dishwasher with Amazing Performance and Eco-Friendly Too

The Bosch Ascenta dishwasher has a wide array of great features. Not only is it quietest in its class, but it has six wash cycles and two options. It’s even got a delicate wash cycle for fine china. The express wash cycle, which gets done in 30 minutes or less, and the delayed start time make washing dishes simple and convenient. The self-latching door that stays put and the 24/7 overflow leak protection, which is a Bosch exclusive, give you one less thing to worry about. Eliminating bacteria and enhancing drying results are easy with the sanitize option. With its 14 place setting capacity and manual height adjustment upper rack, there’s plenty of room for all your dishes. Plus it’s got variable spray pressure, so you can use lower, gentler pressure for delicate or glass care cycles and high pressure for superwash cycles.

This dishwasher exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements for water by 69 percent. It’ll save you up to 280 ®gallons of water each year. Plus, the EcoSense™ feature reduces energy usage by up to 20 percent. Bosch knows the importance of creating eco-friendly appliances with amazing performance, giving it an excellent reputation in the appliance industry.

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