Are Backorders Impacting Your Timelines?

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The pandemic continues to impact the home improvement industry in dramatic ways. Homeowners who have been spending more time in their homes are planning upgrades. And shifts in how we look at the functionality of our homes have led many to seek updates to fit their new WFH lifestyle.

That’s great news for your business, but there is a downside. The jump in home building and kitchen remodeling combined with disruptions to the supply chain has created delivery delays for home appliances.

Most high-end appliance brands have been affected by this situation. Your go-to brands – the ones you count on for timely delivery – are probably back-ordered for months. And ordering the marquee brands your client requested may create an open-ended delay on the project. We have been encouraging all our customers to move their appliance shopping and selection closer to the beginning of their project process to allow plenty of time for delivery. But there is another solution to consider.

We also recommend taking a deeper look at some of the lesser-known premium and luxury appliance brands. Many of these brands have been available in other countries for years but don’t have as much name recognition in the United States. When you introduce clients to these alternative brands, they discover they can still have the high-end features and functionality they desire without the months-long delay.

Here are some recommendations that can help you discover and utilize these hidden gems:

  • Learn more about the brand. Their websites are always a good place to start. And don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have specific questions about features or reliability. 
  • Come by the showroom to view the products in person. We’d be happy to spend some time answering your questions and helping you discover all the options and features available.  
  • Schedule a visit to our showroom with your client so they can see and experience these alternative brands for themselves. 

Longer wait times are going to be the norm for the foreseeable future. The delays are unavoidable, and industry analysts estimate that the manufacturers will not improve availability until late 2021. If you’re getting started on a new project for a client, our team of experts is ready to work closely with you and your clients to secure the perfect appliances for their new kitchen with the best turnaround possible.

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