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The Beauty of GE Cafe

CP650STSS_GE-CafeDeep down inside you know that you are a professional chef trapped in a home kitchen. Everywhere you turn you see appliances that can’t keep up with your desire to entertain at the highest level. Whether you have achieved greatness in the kitchen or simply aspire to be great, the GE Cafe collection can be your first step to bringing the benefits of a restaurant-style kitchen into your home every day. With inspired aesthetics and impressive power that mimic great restaurants, GE Café Series is a dream come true for people who love to live in the kitchen.

Here are the highlights from some of our collection favorites:

Gas, electric and dual-fuel ranges with True Convection ovens that are boldly designed with a solid frame. They include features like dual ovens, built-in griddles and subtle back-lighting on beautifully distinctive knobs.

FRSYCQHEENVG_GE-CafeOvens and microwaves that have a smooth panel design to allow for easy operation and cleaning. Ovens have French doors that both open at the same time to bring you the look and feel of a restaurant kitchen, and the microwaves harness the power of microwave, convection, halogen and ceramic heating.

Gas and electric cooktops with specialized burners, allowing for precise boiling, simmering and searing.

FRFOOKIWADHY_GE-CafeCafe Series refrigerators are built to give you maximum flexibility in your food storage and have robust handles to add to the professional look of your kitchen. The best feature is the Keurig K-cup brewing system built into the water dispenser.

FRJQDJJGGEEK_GE-CafeDon’t forget the dishwasher to bring heavy duty cleaning to your heavy duty kitchen in a quiet and beautiful way.

Come into Friedman’s today to satisfy your inner professional chef. Whether you have perfected your recipe collection or are just starting out, we have the kitchen that will bring out the best in your cooking style. You will need to see the beauty and power of this collection in person to understand all that it has to offer. We can’t wait to show it to you!