Colors of the Year Offer Variety and Inspiration

Pantone Color of the Year 2021

Every year, companies that specialize in color offer their choice for “Color of the Year.” We all know the practice is part prediction, part marketing ploy. But we still follow along to see how these offerings influence the design world, and it is hard not to feel inspired by the visions behind the choices.

Pantone is the standard-bearer in this yearly practice, and every year they offer a Color of the Year that reflects the relationship between culture and color. With thoughtful consideration and trend analysis, Pantone decided – for only the second time in 22 years – to name two colors. The pairing is Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, reflecting how we have come to value togetherness now more than ever.

Ultimate Gray represents fortitude. It feels solid and dependable, like river rocks that have stood the test of time. We also couldn’t help but notice the similarity to the warmer sheen of today’s stainless steel finishes that continue to maintain their popularity in high-end kitchens. 

The brightness of Illuminating brings positivity and happiness to any space. According to Pantone, “As people look for ways to fortify themselves with energy, clarity, and hope to overcome the continuing uncertainty, spirited and emboldening shades satisfy our quest for vitality.”

Paint powerhouse Sherwin Williams offered Urbane Bronze as their Color of the Year for 2021. This warm, earthy color feels both sophisticated and solid while also pairing well with metals, something that AD Pro pointed out: “While shifting furniture trends pointed Sherwin Williams toward Urbane Bronze, the color might be most at home not in your living room but in the kitchen. Wadden notes that it plays nicely with darker cabinet colors (another emerging trend) while also looking great alongside the metallic shades of sinks, silverware, and kitchen appliances.”

Not to be left out, Benjamin Moore offered their take on an annual COTY with their Color Trends Palette for 2021, led by the glowing Aegean Teal. The color choice was inspired by the growing focus on the simple everyday pleasures in our homes and immediate surroundings. This blue-green tone makes a serene backdrop for a light-filled kitchen or becomes a moody scene-setter for candlelit dinners.

Choosing just the right color is a critical part of any project. Today’s kitchens offer so many opportunities to play with and explore color. Your design may need traditional appliance finishes that provide contrast with your color choice. Or your plan might include a seamless color presentation on cabinets and integrated panel-ready appliances. Whatever your inspiration, our experts can help you and your clients discover the perfect appliances for your design.

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