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When you think of your favorite resort getaway, the first thing that probably comes to mind is dining outdoors with family and friends. Because Alfresco has built equipment for many of the finest hotels and restaurants across the country, it’s easy to see how they can bring that professional culinary experience to your outdoor kitchen. Alfresco offers everything you need to transform your patio into a spectacular outdoor kitchen, so you can prep, cook, serve, and entertain outdoors with style. They offer grills, refrigeration dry storage units, bartending units, sinks, and more. They can even design your outdoor space for you.

Since Alfresco began designing outdoor kitchen products in 2000, their focus has been to create products and features professional chefs need for outdoor use, so anyone could build a true open-air kitchen. Their professional-level grills are designed with type 304 stainless steel and every seam is welded and polished, so it won’t loosen over time. They have a unique dual-row, dual-port burner with 27,500 BTUs of power. Plus, they’re made from an exclusive, high heat stainless steel, so the burners can have lifetime warranties. They also have the Sear Zone™ hybrid infrared system which brings the intense searing power of a commercial infrared broiler to the home. Large radiused corners and extensive hand-polished accents adorn the grills, making the grills as beautiful in design as they are functional.

Alfresco also offers side burners with dual 17,000 BTU burners and stand-alone Sear Zone™ units with 27,500 BTU ceramic infrared burners. They even designed a prep/waste center, which consists of a cutting board with a thru-counter trash-chute and a hidden trash receptacle. Their Sterno-fueled food warmer has three removable commercial stainless steel food pans. They designed a plating and garnishing center that features a full-length cutting board on top and a plate storage shelf underneath. Their bartending centers are designed with professionals in mind. Alfresco’s all-weather refrigerators are capable of operating in extreme heat or extreme cold, making them perfect for outdoor use. The refrigerator units include an under-counter single door unit which is easily convertible to a kegerator and back, an under-grill unit which features a large door section next to two refrigerated marinating drawers, so you can take food directly from the fridge to the grill. They’ve even designed a top-loading refrigerator that can sit into the countertop, so you access your food easily without bending or reaching.

Alfresco has done an incredible job creating professional products that transform an ordinary patio into a one of a kind dining experience. With much thought to style, functionality, and ergonomics, they’ve created the products for the perfect open-air kitchen.


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