Dirty Dishes Have Nowhere to Hide

Even corners can’t hide dirty glassware in the GE Appliances Clean Sweep Jets dishwashers. The traditional circle spraying pattern in the bottom of the appliance allows dishes to hide in the corners, just outside of reach.

But the new GE Profile™ dishwasher features a revolutionary spray arm with jets that move in a square pattern, providing greater edge-to-edge coverage of the upper rack. The new spray arm, the first of its kind in the industry, houses all gears internally and runs water through those gears from every angle, even deep corners.

In addition to improved corner coverage, the new dishwasher offers an advanced wash system with more than 140 jets, including bottle jets for glassware and deep clean silverware jets. The dishwasher is available in stainless steel and black pearl gray to match any décor.

Come into Friedman’s Appliances today to see this dishwasher in action. Our professionals can show you the difference it makes when you think outside the circle.

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