Free up Your Oven This Thanksgiving

If you’re looking for a way to free up your oven this Thanksgiving, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Grill your turkey on a Kamado Joe instead of cooking it in the oven. Not only will you have more oven space for your desserts and sides, but your turkey will be moister too.

Kamado Joe Grill

Kamado Joe grills are pretty amazing because they have an insulated body, so you don’t need as much heat to cook. A small fire on a Kamado Joe can create the same temperature as a gas grill, so the food stays moister than with gas grills. They also have a unique shape that allows them to circulate heat, unlike gas grills where heat escapes easily. The circulated heat helps the food cook faster and more evenly, whereas gas grills cook mostly from the bottom.

Save time by grilling your meat on a Kamado Joe this holiday season and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how moist it will be. Plus, everything tastes better grilled, so turkey is no exception. You’ll also have more time and room in the oven for all those delicious desserts, bread, and sides. Check out our selection of Kamado Joe grills next time you’re in our store.

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