A Grill Grate with More Space and Multiple Heat Zones

The Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System from Kamado Joe is more functional than the traditional grill grate. It adds versatility and flexibility, so you can grill more food quicker.


This cooking system has a half-rack design, which basically splits all the components in half, so you can cook on two different levels simultaneously. This simple design gives you more cooking space. There‘s also a grill expander that you can purchase separately that allows you to cook on three levels, giving you 660 square inches of cooking surface. That’s pretty impressive; that’s more cooking space than any other standard 18” grill. Plus, you can create different heat zones with the help of the heat deflector that’s included with the cooking system. The deflector allows you to cook foods, such as veggies, with indirect heat, while cooking foods like meat with direct heat. You can even add custom halved cooking surfaces if you want to make it even more versatile.

With the multiple levels and heat zones, you’ll be able to grill your meals quickly and efficiently. It’s perfect for everyday meals as well as entertaining.

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