How “Smart” Do You Speak?

Monogram connected appliances

When it comes to talking to your clients about smart appliance options for their kitchens, you
need the latest information. Technology within the luxury appliance market is constantly
evolving, and the features continue to wow. That means it’s imperative to keep up with product
capabilities so you can guide your clients. Here are a few exciting smart advances from
Monogram that are sure to pique their interest.

Over-the-Air Updates

It’s one thing to recommend a range or wall oven based on its I.Q. and performance, but it’s
another thing entirely to assert that the product will keep getting better over time. You can
make that claim confidently for certain Wi-Fi-enabled cooking appliances from Monogram. Just
as we update our smartphones, now we can update eligible smart appliances as well.
Downloadable software upgrades deliver the latest features, continuing to enhance the cooking
experience well after the product purchase.

Steakhouse Mode, developed in conjunction with the experts at Omaha Steaks, allows
Monogram appliance owners to turn out a restaurant-quality steak at home. This latest free
update joins the first-ever No Pre-Heat Air Fry feature and the holiday-hit Turkey Mode.

Remote Operation and Monitoring

Smart appliances, powered by the SmartHQ™ app, can save your busy clients time, provide
peace of mind, and ensure meal-time success. With the free app downloaded to a phone or
tablet, the owner can remotely operate an array of Monogram appliances and monitor their
cooking with a simple touch, all from one place. Helpful status updates and timely alerts go
straight to the user’s device. Plus, automatic software updates deliver the latest features and
advanced diagnostics.

Voice Control

Hands-free voice control is a boon for multi-tasking cooks. SmartHQ and Amazon Alexa work
together to offer this convenient feature and take Monogram appliances to the next level.
Alexa works on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Amazon Fire TV devices. The user can
employ Alexa’s help with a host of kitchen tasks and can also receive important updates. It’s as
simple as saying, for example, “Alexa, turn on the oven,” or asking, “Alexa, what is the
dishwasher status?”.

Smart appliances from Monogram can make your clients’ lives easier, so it’s always good to be
in the know. Talk with a Friedman’s specialist to learn more about the latest features.

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