How to Make the Most of a Compact Kitchen

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Designing a kitchen is much like solving a puzzle—all the pieces must fit together perfectly to complete the whole. When space is tight, getting those pieces to fit can be even trickier. Consider these strategies for optimizing function, storage, and style in a small kitchen.

Prioritize the Space Plan

A compact kitchen calls for creative solutions. Look for untapped potential, down to the last inch. Maybe squeeze a pull-out spice rack next to the stove, tuck an extra appliance under the stairs, or add a drawer under the window seat. Be sure to take the cabinets up to ceiling height to maximize storage space.

Instill Cohesiveness

Specify matching appliances to establish a smooth visual flow. Choose Thermador’s Masterpiece Collection for a sleek, modern vibe or their Professional Collection for a bold, industrial feel. For the ultimate in uniformity, match your cabinetry design with their panel-ready appliances.

Create a Sense of Airiness

Small kitchens can sometimes feel cramped. Mix in some glass-front cabinets to lighten the mood. Open shelves also offer a streamlined alternative to upper cabinets. A combination of task and ambient lighting will brighten the space too.

Specify Scaled-Down Appliances

Deliver powerful cooking performance in a compact kitchen with professional-grade appliances in narrower widths. Consider topping Thermador’s 30-inch range with their Under Cabinet Drawer Wall Hood, which slides under the cabinet when not in use. The brand’s 30-inch cooktop is tailor-made for a modestly proportioned island.

Max Out the Under-Counter Area

Think beyond the dishwasher and place an additional appliance or two under the counter, as space allows. Depending on your client’s needs, Thermador’s built-in MicroDrawerⓇ Microwave, wine cooler, or double-drawer refrigerator/freezer are great options.

Eliminate Clutter

In a small kitchen, everything needs a designated home, preferably out of sight. Keep the countertops free by housing small appliances in garages. Add a docking drawer to hide tech gadgets and unsightly cords.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better in the kitchen. With creativity and smart design, a compact kitchen can boast a high level of luxury and functionality. A Friedman’s expert can help you find the right appliances to fit any space.

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