The Importance of Changing Water Filters

Changing out the water filter in your refrigerator is of utmost importance to ensure you and your family are getting the cleanest and purest water possible. Most water filters only work for approximately three to six months. Of course, that depends on how much filtered water you use and how many people are consuming the water in your household.

All filters remove the taste of chlorine, any odors coming from the water and most particulates. Some of the new filters are designed to remove trace pharmaceuticals as well, which is much needed these days. Prescription drugs in our water supply are becoming a big concern. They are not only being thrown into landfills contaminating the ground water, but people are flushing their old, unused medications down the toilet, which then pollutes the waste water system. After using the filter for a while, it can become clogged, therefore, making it ineffective.

Be sure to replace your water filter periodically. That way, you can make sure you’re drinking the best quality water available from your refrigerator.

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