Innovative Oven Design that Will Blow You Away

Have you ever reached over the large, hot oven door to check on your dinner and wondered why oven doors open the way they do? It makes checking on dinner more difficult and takes up a lot of space in your kitchen. Professional kitchens did away with the cumbersome doors years ago, and now you can too. Check out the latest innovative design from GE: a wall oven with French doors.

The GE Monogram French Door Wall Oven brings all the features fit for the pros into your home kitchen. The feature you will notice first is the two doors that open together and allow you to put heavy dishes into the oven without bending over. You get the largest French door oven capacity at 5 cubic feet, and you don’t have to allow as much space for the oven in your kitchen design. The theater-style LED lighting also makes checking on your food’s progress easier than ever before.

GE has brought this stainless steel design into our modern age by including true European convection cooking and a direct air that envelops food, delivering evenly cooked results and shorter cooking times. You can even control this oven through an app on your smartphone. Now you can start cooking dinner on your way home.

GE has put professional-grade cooking technology within the reach of the home chef. Come to the store today to check out this innovative oven for yourself.

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