Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2021

Kitchen Design

For a time, it felt like everything stopped in 2020. But research is showing that people are shifting their time and energy into creating their dream homes…after all, we have been spending a lot of time there and cooking a lot more at home. The top three indicators of future remodeling—home-price appreciation, existing-home sales, age of the housing stock—are all looking strong as we go into 2021.

People are continuing to invest in their homes, specifically into their kitchens. “The results from the Houzz Q4 Barometer show that the home remodeling and design industry is truly resilient, and is seeing business activity return to pre-pandemic levels,” says Marine Sargsyan, Houzz senior economist. Qualified Remodeler also said, “no single industry benefited more than home improvement from the shifting consumer preferences during the months that followed. It was as if America’s 330 million residents got a good look at their homes and saw the need for upgrades.” 

The market in the midsouth is especially strong, and local designers have passed on some of the trends they are seeing that are matching up with national trends.

  • Kitchen islands are a must-have. Now the kitchen island is more versatile than ever as it serves as a lunch counter, a school desk, and an office. Storage and over-head lighting are the most sought-after features, and over half of them include appliances. 
  • Neutral colors lead to a more transitional style. This signals a slow shift away from the farmhouse to a modern, contemporary style. Clean lines and less clutter provide the simple, calming design that people are looking for. 
  • Bigger backsplashes create focal points. This is a way to add color, texture, and interest for simple kitchen designs. The backsplash has become the new feature wall and goes from the counter all the way up to the ceiling. 
  • Materials trends include the colors blue and gray, hardwood floors, and engineered quartz. Handmade elements like terra cotta tiles or reclaimed wood also remain popular. 
  • Keep looking up. Pay attention to the ceiling because it’s a great place to add color or texture to the design. From beadboard to metal ceiling tiles, using this fifth wall can create a whole new feel in the kitchen. 
  • Focus on hygiene. People are looking for no-touch features in hardware and appliances as well as antimicrobial materials to limit the spread of germs in the kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are also gaining in popularity as outdoor entertaining allows for more social distancing. 
  • Increase storage. Open shelving or plate racks remain popular, and many are opting for large pantries or kitchen larders – a throwback from the 1920s. This may also include increasing refrigeration and freezer space as people are making fewer trips to the grocery store and stockpiling food more. 

Because 2020 has forced many shifts in our everyday lifestyle, our homes and spaces must adapt as well. According to Kitchen and Bath Design News, “Annual expenditures for renovation and repair of the owner-occupied housing stock are expected to rise from about their current level of $332 billion to $337 billion by the latter half of 2021.” So while the rest of the world may feel like it’s slowing down, your business may be picking up. Friedman’s is here to help you and your clients create the kitchen of their dreams. Contact us today to see how we can work together!

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