Style and Substance: Monogram Luxury Appliances Are Designed With Serious Home Cooks in Mind

Monogram Minimalist Collection

When you design a gourmet kitchen, your client and their style preferences take center stage. Maybe you have a client who enjoys the spotlight. They appreciate jaw-dropping, stop-you-in-your-tracks food and style. They want a true cook’s kitchen that is luxurious and uniquely theirs.

Or you might have a client who is the strong, silent type. Cooking is their passion but the food is always the star of their show. They lean towards clean lines and a quiet aesthetic. They don’t want a kitchen that’s extravagant or flashy, but they do value quality. 

No matter which style your clients embody, Monogram has a line of luxury appliances to elevate their cooking experience. Inspired by professional culinary spaces highlighting precision-engineered details, these two distinct collections exceed expectations in style and performance.

Statement Collection Gallery


With the new Mark of Luxury, the Statement Collection features edge-to-edge handles, polished stainless steel, and rich interactive graphic displays. Its signature large windows and substantial knobs with brass accents unify the overall design.

Minimalist Collection Gallery


The Minimalist Collection’s streamlined design and precisely engineered metals create a contemporary yet functional aesthetic for those pursuing a sleek look. Expansive glass, flush installation, LCD screens, and push-to-open oven doors eliminate the need for hardware.

“We worked closely with luxury designers to achieve a seamless, contemporary feel through elevated craftsmanship and meticulously selected materials,” said Keith Larsen, Executive Director of Monogram. “Using precision-engineered metal we are able to achieve ultra flush installations with crisp edges and tight custom fits between appliances and surrounding cabinetry. It’s that attention to every luxury detail, now with a touch of brass, which sets Monogram apart.”

Crafted with techniques and materials from the luxury automobile industry, every product in the Monogram portfolio is expertly engineered and meticulously designed. Whether your clients lean towards the Statement Collection for a more traditional style or the on-trend Minimalist Collection’s sleek lines and contemporary feel, they will experience exceptional craftsmanship and cooking performance when they choose Monogram.

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