Designer Insights

More than a Fresh Coat

More than a fresh coat of paint, these painting trends can update any space in your home. These kinds of trends are great to try in small spaces like a guest bath or on an accent wall in the kitchen. We’ve gathered some of our favorites here for you.

Chalkboard painting

The classic black chalk board is great for changing out inspirational messages on your walls. But chalk board paint comes in more than just black. You can find the right color to suit any space and match any décor. Make sure you buy enough for a couple of coats because the key to a good erasable chalkboard is a good, thick foundation.


This is an easy way to add height or drama to any space. Make stripes using painter’s tape for crisp, clean lines. If you use bold and bright colors contrasted with light colors, be sure to have simple furnishings to allow it to be the focus. Or, for a more subtle look, use stripes of two different shades of the same color. Same drama, but not quite so attention-grabbing.


Soften walls and give them a distressed look with this simple color-washing technique. Paint the base coat and then add a thin glaze, a water-based wash, on top with a brush, a rag or a sponge, depending on the texture you want to create. It instantly gives character and dimension to boring walls.


A little glitter makes everything better, so why not try it on your walls? For a little touch of shimmer, apply a glitter topcoat over any base to add a reflection effect. If you want to make a bigger statement, actual heavy glitter can be sprinkled on a freshly painted wall.

Small spaces can have a big impact when you use the right paint. And the great thing about using paint instead of wall paper is that if you don’t like it, you can always paint over it. So grab your brushes and a bucket and give your spaces a fresh coat!