New Design Trends in Home and Interiors: Natural, Novel, and Nostalgic

beautiful kitchen in new luxury home with island, pendant lights, and hardwood floors

The current trends bring the natural, the novel, and the nostalgic all together. This is definitely seen in Pantone’s Color of the Year, Living Coral, a natural color that has been remastered for a unique and retro feel. This animating and life-affirming color energizes any space because it is naturally vivid and warm. It is really embraceable and feels like it is reaching out and touching you. Adding hints of this color or accessories adds happiness and warmth to any space in your home.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and color expert for the International Housewares Association (IHA), says, “Prepare for a kaleidoscope of colors in the next two years. We are embarking on a new era for color that creates a compelling dichotomy where we see the real and the surreal, the novel and the nostalgic approaches to color and design. This color will catch a customer’s attention because it combines the retro era with the future. You don’t have to deck out an entire kitchen in a retro color. Subtle hints and a key item like a refrigerator or KitchenAid are all you need.”

Here are some of the big trends we are seeing this year:

Combining Elements

Now is the time to combine natural elements to metallic, patina, foil treatments, and sparkle finishings. “I’ve never seen so much sparkle in the marketplace,” says Eiseman. For example, a wicker basket with metallic ribbon threading is both natural and modern. Because of the popularity of metallic elements, Pantone recently produced a new color deck of shimmery hues.

Softer Color Palettes

The popularity of health and wellness, hydration, and herbal tea make softer, more calming colors very popular. But even a quieter palette needs a few unusual twists to attract attention and create focal points.

Black and White Patterns

Diverse color palettes and patterns on top of patterns are also trending. Black and white striping used with another pattern is one of the newest and hottest trends. Black is still the new black and exudes elegance in any design.

Trendy Materials

Terrazzo, in particular, is popular as a design influence, but also as a societal influence because it involves the idea of reusing marble. Metallic and wood go great together as well. “There’s a real marriage of the warmth of rich patina wood and (the cool, sleekness of) metallics,” according to Eiseman. Softer textures like felted products and feathers can also help offset the sleekness of metallics.

Come into Friedman’s today to see how these trends are showing up in appliances and other items for the home. We can help you find exactly what you need to bring your design into 2019.

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