Outdoor Living Design Simplified

Beautiful outdoor living is all about smart design. Since your outdoor living experience will be centered on cooking and entertaining, you have to start with a solid design for your outdoor space. The best layouts integrate hardscape design and outdoor kitchen design into one cohesive plan.

Friedman’s has found a smart way to help you design your outdoor living space and also save you time and money. Beginning with an accurate measurement of your available space for your outdoor living area, the designs for your hardscape and outdoor kitchen are created by one team. Friedman’s outdoor living specialist visits your home to take measurements and discuss design
ideas. Additionally, Friedman’s hardscape partners review the planned outdoor living area to determine what design works best for the unique features of your property.

Get a personalized sketch of your perfect outdoor space for free from Friedman’s professional design team.
Get a personalized sketch of your perfect outdoor space for free from Friedman’s professional design team.

Following the first visit to your home, Friedman’s outdoor specialist draws up specific designs for you to approve. The designs take into consideration the hardscape design, the number of outdoor appliances, the accessibility of the appliances, and where your guests will be seated in relation to your outdoor kitchen. Once you approve the design, the complete construction of the hardscape and the outdoor kitchen are coordinated by Friedman’s specialist.

By bringing together the design and construction process, all aspects of your outdoor living space are in the hands of one team. The most interesting part of this process is that the design services for your outdoor living space are free.

The smartest way to get a beautiful outdoor living space is to use the free professional design services offered at your local Friedman’s store. And what could be smarter than having one team handle the project from start to finish? It’s time to get smart and get into Friedman’s to let us help you design an outdoor kitchen you will love.



Randy Ensminger brings over 30 years of experience right into your backyard as he guides you through the complete planning and design experience. Reaching your outdoor kitchen dream is his passion.

Visit our new Outdoor Kitchen Galleries for a personal tour by Randy and see your dream before you purchase.

Contact Randy directly today at 865-862-4254.


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