Refreshing, Clean, Filtered Water: Direct from your GE Refrigerator

Filling a glass with cold water from your refrigerator door has been a convenience we’ve all enjoyed for many years. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the U.S. drinking water infrastructure is nearing the end of its useful life, making filtered drinking water indispensable. GE Appliances recently introduced a revolutionary, industry-first refrigerator filter, RPWFE. These high-quality filters reduce chloramines and filter nine pharmaceuticals, Bisphenol A (BPA), and more than 50 impurities.

Remembering to change your water filter has never been easier! You can opt-in to receive a text message every six months for a friendly reminder to order a new filter. There are plenty of counterfeit and deceptively labeled water filters being sold online every day which will not purify your water to a safe drinking level. Replacing your filter with another RPWFE filter is the best way to ensure you are drinking the purest water possible.

GE RPWFE water filter for refrigerator

You’ve probably heard the advice to “Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.” To keep your family healthy, make sure that water is pure, filtered drinking water with the RPWFE refrigerator water filter from GE.

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