Designer Insights

Transform Your Laundry Room into a Beautiful Escape

EIFLS_EIMGD60JIW_316_H02Design Expert Camille Styles, who is recognized for her well-known lifestyle blog, recently joined forces with Electrolux. Together they created some quick and easy tips that take an ordinary laundry room and transform it into a beautiful retreat. Who said laundry spaces can’t have style and flair? If you add lovely décor to this functional space, you’ll enjoy your time in there. Plus, you’ll want to spend more time in there as well. Here are some of the tips that Camille and Electrolux came up with.

Replace your appliances with a sleek and sophisticated laundry pair. Naturally, your eye catches appliances when you enter a room, so you want to make sure you choose a beautiful, high performing pair that’s energy efficient and features the latest technology.

Organize all your supplies and have specific areas for folding laundry and ironing. Refillable clear containers that can be labeled and decorative baskets keep the area looking neat and organized. Using cabinets to hide miscellaneous items make the area less cluttered and more inviting. Additionally, it’ll make it less stressful and more serene.

Install a refrigerator if you have room for it. This will give you a great area to store drinks, party platters and desserts. Your space will instantly turn into a party prep area, making it useful for more than just laundry.

Take advantage of the space you have in your laundry room and redesign it to be a sweet escape instead of just a standard utility room. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.