The Latest Trends to Transform Your Home

Every year new home design trends come out and it’s always exciting to hear about and implement the latest ideas. Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to décor. A simple alteration can transform an entire room.

Coffer ceiling with recessed lighting

A trend that’s really making an impact is interesting ceiling treatments. Coffer ceilings combined with recessed lighting can make a bold statement, especially if you use wood beams that show off how wonderfully unique each one is grained. A drop ceiling can perfectly accent a high ceiling. Lighter colored ceilings with detailed molding can make a small room appear roomier.

One trend to look out for is high contrast in any given room. It involves mixing new world décor with old world elements. Rooms with modern, contemporary décor can add contrast with a vintage, antique or Victorian piece. The same is true for a Victorian room. Simply add some contemporary pieces to mix things up. Patterned wall paper and even prints can make a room pop as well.

Open shelving

Open shelving units are another trend that are gaining popularity. These units are great because they allow you to easily get to items that you need every day in your kitchen or living room. Adding artwork and books can make them look decorative and useful.

These are just a few design ideas for your home. There are so many things that you can do to change the look and feel of your home by incorporating the latest trends. Your home makeover can show your personality and personal style. Plus, it can be fun and exciting!

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