Two Keys to Start a Great Remodel

Remodels in any home can be a challenge. But when you deal with the kitchen the complications mount, so consider these two important keys, in the beginning, to save time and money in the end.

First, start with renderings and detailed plans. Detailed, professionally drawn plans are critical as they address every upgrade and change in your redesigned spaces including wall measurements, new product additions, lighting, plumbing, electrical, and more. Also, you want to uncover expensive and frustrating spacing issues with islands, working zones, walkways, cabinetry, appliances, and sinks. The kitchen is the center of activity in a home and the last thing you want is a costly mistake you must workaround for years to come. Plan now and save yourself from big headaches later.

Your second big step is to follow up your great planning with professionals who turn plans and renderings into reality. Ask friends for names of trusted professionals in your area, especially those experienced in kitchen remodels. Kitchen designers create the look of your dream space with surfaces, textures, styles, and colors. Contractors focus on the technical side, moving load-bearing walls for expanding spaces, reworking complex electrical and plumbing issues, and covering every detail of finishing work. Both professionals are critical players in your project’s success. Conduct interviews with designers and contractors, and look at their previous work before you make a final decision. Once you decide, don’t hesitate to tell them what you like and dislike. This is your home and ultimately, you have the final say on how you want your kitchen to look.

Starting with thorough renderings and plans then turning them over to a trusted kitchen designer and contractor will put you well on your way to a successful remodel achieving the kitchen of your dreams.


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