Why Designers Set You Free

When working with a kitchen designer during a remodel or redesign, you’ll notice they’ll refer you to an appliance retailer to select the appliances that will be installed in your new kitchen. Contrary to what you might have thought, they don’t pick out the appliances for their clients.

Have you ever wondered why designers set you free when it comes to this key element of a remodel? It’s simple. Appliances are a huge part of your life. They’re supposed to make your life easier and more convenient while giving you the desire to cook and entertain in your home. Designers want clients to get exactly what they want when it comes to appliances. They know that the sales staff at a reputable appliance store is better equipped to help you find the perfect appliances for your home. The sales associates are experts on the different brands and types of appliances. They also know what questions to ask to determine which appliances best fit your lifestyle and home.

Once you’ve chosen new appliances for your kitchen, the designer can then design the kitchen around those appliances. That way you can get the kitchen of your dreams. You’ll have the perfect appliances and a beautifully designed kitchen to go with them. What more could you ask for?

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