10 Kitchen Secrets in High-Profile Homes

Electrolux ICON Freezer and Refrigerator

Big names in business, entertainment, and more trust Friedman’s Appliances with the finest and smartest entertaining plans for their home. Over the years we’ve delivered and installed every type of appliance you can imagine. Based on our engagement with high profile homeowners and our extensive experience with custom builders and designers, here’s our top 10 list of what these homeowners do to equip their homes for amazing entertaining.

All Fridge/All Freezer Refrigeration

You know the caterer loves you when you gain a huge sigh of relief as they see that you have this massive combination in your kitchen. A full-size refrigerator installed next to a full-size freezer, this high-end refrigeration pair allows you to store a huge array of party trays and serve everything at the right temperature for your guests. One of our favorites – Electrolux ICON.

Viking Double French Door Wall Ovens

Large Capacity Convection Oven

This masterpiece of technology allows any homeowner to create the perfect London broil, rack of lamb and so many delicate entrees with stunning accuracy. The meat probe feature sounds the timer when the desired temperature is reached, so everything is guaranteed perfection. One of our favorites – Viking Double French Door Wall Ovens.

The 48″ Dual-fuel Pro Range

With multiple gas burners on the surface of your range and electric convection cooking inside, any ambitious homeowner or chef shines as the culinary expert with so much cooking capability in one place. One of our favorites – Wolf Pro Ranges.

Third Rack Dishwasher

Big parties and events at your home create a big mess. If your dishwasher has a third rack, then you have substantially improved your capacity for cleaning. And the big secret – many high-end homeowners install two dishwashers. One of our favorites – Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers.

Miele Futura Dishwasher

Delicate Crystal Dishwasher

You want to put out the crystal, but you don’t want to risk such expensive stemware by running it inside a standard dishwasher. Luxury dishwashers are designed to wash and deliver a gentle clean to expensive stemware. One of our favorites – Miele Futura Dishwashers.

Speed Cooking

Sub-Zero Wine Storage

When everything doesn’t go perfectly to the plan, you have to improvise. You need a powerful cooking product that cooks two to three times faster than traditional ovens, yet is the size of a microwave oven. Broil, bake, and microwave fast. One of our favorites – GE Advantium Ovens.

Wine Storage

Quick access to wine and a good selection for your guests can really become a problem if you limit your wine to a small space. Choose a wine unit that holds 147 bottles and blends beautifully with your kitchen, plus controls temperature accurately. One of our favorites – Sub-Zero Wine Storage.

Coffee Machines

Since coffee has become more than a drink, but a world of flavors and blends for all tastes, the luxury kitchen delivers a freshly ground coffee experience at the start of the day or after dinner with friends. The convenience and flavor are unforgettable. One of our favorites – Miele Coffee System.

Ice Machines

Large crowds you can anticipate, but what’s harder to measure is how many people in your home have been using ice all day before your big event. Some of these under-counter ice machines store as much as 25 lbs of ice, giving every guest a cold drink throughout your event. One of our favorites – Marvel Ice Machines.

Miele Steam Oven

Steam Ovens

Moving away from the traditional double wall oven configurations, luxury homes are now equipped with wall oven and steam oven combinations. The steam ovens deliver moist and healthy meals faster, and cooking with steam retains important nutrients in foods. One of our favorites – Miele Steam Ovens.

While the list is something to ponder, the finest and best-equipped kitchens for entertaining are prepared to deliver great meals for any size audience. Your guests will never forget the experience.

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