5 Must-Have Features Every Laundry Room Needs

laundry room with utility sink and storage

As an industry professional, you understand that affluent homeowners seek luxury in every space of the home — including the laundry room. While the work done there is widely considered a chore, when you create a space your client not only loves but that also contains the latest in modern amenities and appliances, it’s no longer a hassle to clean the family’s clothing.

Here are some of the latest laundry room trends as well as some visual inspiration to bring your clients’ dreams to fruition.

Create Counter Space 

Adding the convenience of a countertop in a laundry room is a must for today’s homeowners. Not only does it provide a place to fold fresh-from-the-dryer garments, but you can also stash laundry needs within reach in a tasteful, attractive manner. Here are some extremely tasteful designs we are swooning over:

Double the Appliances 

While it goes without saying that every home needs a workhorse washer and dryer set, one trend we’re seeing on the rise is double washers and dryers. Especially for larger families, having two of each machine makes having to wait on a load to finish a thing of the past. Here are some well-done double appliance designs:

Hanging Bar & Drying Rack 

When you have delicate pieces that are air-dry-only, what a luxury to be able to pull it from the washer and immediately hang it to dry on a nearby hanging bar. And don’t forget the drying rack — we’re especially fond of the built-in ones below. Here are some creative installations to spark your own ideas:

Include a Sophisticated Sink 

The addition of a sink in a laundry room is invaluable for tasks like soaking out stains and rinsing handwash-only garments. Often people install a utility sink in a laundry area, but elevate the space with a tasteful sink station. Here are some ideas to inspire:

Add Functional Storage Space 

There are some key elements in every laundry room that are simply unsightly. For example, a hamper full of dirty clothes or jugs of detergent. In addition to cabinet storage, check out some additional ideas that make great use of space and create simple, stylish solutions:

After you’ve designed and created the most amazing laundry room for your clients, help them outfit it with a new premium or luxury washer and dryer. Our sales professionals are excited to show them what’s new and complete their new space.

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