57 and The Perfect Host

GE Monogram® Undercounter Beverage Center with Liquid Crystal Window

If you want to have a great party and be a great host, you must have certain qualities. First, you have to be nice or at least fun to be around. Second, you have to serve good food and give your guests plenty of time to enjoy their visit. Third, you have to hold 57 wine bottles. These are not only the rules for being a great host, but they are the qualities behind great appliances who take care of the small things so you can show unforgettable hospitality.

One of those difference makers is the new lines of under-the-counter wine refrigerators, double-drawer refrigerators, and beverage centers. They are highly flexible and compact fitting under nearly any countertop in the home, but too many times they are overlooked by homeowners.

You have to begin by noticing your foot traffic during events in your home and watch where those best opportunities exist where guests mingle and would love to have quick access to food and drinks. Many homes of today are designed with spacious rooms and a flexible floor plan that create the perfect setting for friends to mingle and enjoy their time together. And yet the kitchen turns into a cafeteria or human traffic jam when the food and drink come out.

The smartly designed home has special locations across the floor plan where guests can easily access their favorite beverages and snack foods. If you haven’t seen them lately, then you are in for a treat. GE wine refrigerators, double-drawer refrigerators, and beverage centers are small, under-the-counter powerhouses as some can hold up to 57 wine bottles at the perfect temperature. Their design and special features offer integration capability so cabinetry can be matched down to the last detail. Even the wine refrigerators in the GE Monogram line have liquid crystal windows that make your beverages disappear at the touch of a button. This is smart and clever hosting beyond imagination. And now you know one more secret to becoming the perfect host.


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