6 Ways to Prove Your Value to New Clients

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Getting new clients is necessary for growing your business. And many clients are focused solely on the bottom line and only make decisions about price. But when you come to a meeting with a new client, you need to bring more than just an estimated budget and some pictures of past projects. Here are six ways to prove your value to new clients:

Create a Strong Online Presence

The first time a potential client “meets” your company will most likely be online when they start the research process. Make sure your website makes a top-notch first impression for your business through high-quality photos and videos of your work as well as client testimonials and reviews. The visual elements of your brand communicate so much about your business, so make sure your branding is consistent with the quality of your work.

Know Your Value Proposition

You need to know your target market, key skills, and what sets you apart from your competition. Before meeting potential clients, do a self-assessment of your strengths and the unique qualities you bring to the table. Know what sets your business apart from competitors, and highlight those key features.

Create Visual Displays of Your Work

Invest in high-quality photography of your work and in how you display those images. Before and after photos are highly impactful and show just how much of a difference you can make in someone’s space. Entering showcases can also give you examples of your work as well as credibility.

Obtain Professional Endorsements 

Professional certifications and endorsements are far more than pieces of paper; they are social capital that you can use to build your business. Make sure your clients know that you have taken the time to prove to professional organizations that you deliver quality work.

Highlight Budget Risks and ROI 

A budget should not just include the cost of the project. It should also contain a plan for offsetting risk and a projection of what the new value will be after the improvements. When clients get the whole picture, they will understand why you charge a premium. It says that you value your work and that you have also taken their concerns into consideration as well.

Ongoing Support 

Ensure your clients know that you’re in it for the long haul. Let them know what to expect once the job is finished and what sort of warranty you may offer. Establishing a trustworthy rapport with new clients ensures that you’re top of mind when the next project comes around. And don’t underestimate the power of a good referral!

Simple steps in preparation and presentation ensure you’ll make a positive impression. And when you bring each of these things to your first client meeting, you allow your expertise to do the heavy lifting. At Friedman’s, we’re honored to support your efforts.

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