9 Laundry Tips You Can’t Wash Without

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Laundry is a common household chore that some people love and others loathe. Whether you enjoy catching up on your favorite TV show while you fold a mountain of clothing, sheets, and towels, or you enjoy the challenge of getting out the most resistant of stains, the act of doing laundry can actually be quite satisfying—especially when you have some built-in facets that ease the workflow. 

Transform this menial task into an efficient and—dare we say—enjoyable chore in which all family members can partake. Here are nine laundry tips that will change the way you wash your family’s clothes and linens.

1. Laundry bags

Use canvas or mesh laundry bags instead of plastic or wicker baskets to gather laundry. This space-saving tip is a winner, especially for smaller laundry rooms or homes. Plus, you can keep everyone’s clothes separate by having each family member’s laundry bag embroidered with their name or initials. This personalized touch will come in especially handy when your kids head off to college.

2. Clothing cheat sheet

Whether you have a tough time recalling whether to wash whites in hot water and colors in cold, or you worry your other family members may fail to heed the wash warnings, consider posting a clothing cheat sheet in the laundry room. This simple-to-create clothes saver will ensure your colors stay vibrant, your whites stay white, and your clothes enjoy a full lifetime of looking good. Another option is purchasing a smart washer, such as the Bosch 500 series, which can be found at Friedman’s Appliances. This compact washer/dryer set features Home Connect, an app that not only offers remote starting, but also allows you to select the type of clothes being laundered, and the washer and dryer take care of the rest. 

3. Dry-erase marker

If you have a load that you need someone else to change, leave a message on top of the washer using a dry-erase marker. Remind them to hang specific delicates, or ask them to transfer the whole load to the dryer and run it on permanent press. This simple office supply makes for seamless communication and keeps the laundry train moving. 

4. Stain chart

Knowing how to attack a particular spot before it sets permanently into the fabric is key, but who has time to memorize different treatments? Print, laminate and hang a stain first-aid chart, which lists stains—from grease to ink—along with advice on how to handle them for both washable and non-washable items. 

5. Dirty dish towel bucket

Dirty dish towels and soiled rags likely get added to your laundry every day. Not only might they contain transferable stains, but they can also stink up a space in no time. Establish a designated dirty towel and rag bucket that has a lid to both contain the smell and prevent cross-contamination between these items and your regular clothing. 

6. Mesh bag

Keep a mesh bag handy in your laundry room to contain smaller items while they wash. Things like socks and lingerie are easier to find post-wash when they’re kept separate in one of these easy and affordable laundry room accessories.

7. Hooks

Add some damage-free hooks to cabinet doors or walls for additional hanging storage. They can be used for hanging things to dry or simply hanging your laundry bags while the clothes are washing. 

8. Baskets

If you have shelves in your laundry room, add a layer of organization through the use of baskets. Keep rags folded and neatly organized, or keep cleaning supplies in one basket and away from other items. A few simple baskets stored on your shelves will keep things neat and tidy.

9. How-to guide

Finally, teach your growing children how to take care of their own laundry needs. Show them how to operate the washer and dryer, and add a handy how-to guide next to the machines so they can quickly reference any operational steps they may forget. 

Embrace your laundry duties in style and with ease with these nine handy hints. And when you’re ready to up your washer/dryer game, head to Friedman’s Appliances, where any of our friendly and experienced sales professionals can help you select the ideal combo for your home. Happy washing!


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