Achieve The Ideal Luxe Look with Panel-Ready Appliances

Sub-Zero Wolf Cove

To conjure a dream kitchen, it’s often necessary to go the custom route. From bespoke paint blends to hand-crafted cabinetry, custom finishes and products impart a high-end look that faithfully fulfills your vision. Panel-ready appliances are among the custom solutions that can help realize a one-of-a-kind design.

Advantages of Integrated, Paneled Appliances

Paneled appliances blend seamlessly into the kitchen landscape. When concealed behind custom covers that match the surrounding cabinetry, the disguised appliances help establish visual continuity.

Like all trends, kitchen appliance finishes rise and fall in popularity. Matching appliance panels to your cabinetry design creates lasting appeal. Since you choose the material and finish to customize the face, panel-ready appliances can adapt to traditional or modern settings. They grant you the creative freedom to shape the final aesthetic.

Panel-ready options are available for high-end refrigerators, beverage centers, wine coolers, and dishwashers. These built-in models sit flush with the surrounding cabinetry, further streamlining the look. Opting for integrated appliances eliminates awkward protrusions that otherwise disrupt the perimeter’s flow. Just be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications for proper mounting of the door panel and installation.

Cove Dishwashers: Built to Customize

Given its prominence in the kitchen layout, paneling the refrigerator makes a huge impact. But don’t overlook the dishwasher. A built-in dishwasher boasting a bespoke panel will help achieve the fully integrated ideal. Cove’s panel-ready dishwashers feature thoughtful, adaptable designs that offer the greatest flexibility when it comes to both aesthetics and function.

Cove provides a blank canvas (or unfinished dishwasher face) for you to transform with a custom-crafted panel door and bespoke hardware pulls. Alternatively, they offer stainless steel panels in multiple widths and stainless steel tubular or pro-style handles, if those conveniently complement your design.

Allowing maximum customization, Cove’s designs also take lifestyle needs into account. The interior configurations—from the stemware rail to the middle rack—adjust to accommodate your client’s preferences and any glass or dish.

Integrated appliances offer versatility and allow you to fully personalize a space. They contribute a clean, consistent look. Visit Friedman’s showroom for guidance on selecting panel-ready appliances that will deliver the streamlined sophistication you and your clients are seeking.

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