Air Sous Vide: The Latest Must-Have Oven Feature

Electrolux oven with Air Sous Vide cooking steak

Discerning homeowners expect more from their ovens than ever before. Baking and broiling are fine. But what about your more adventurous or health-conscious clients who enjoy exploring new culinary methods such as air frying, steam baking, and sous vide? Electrolux thinks the benefits of sous vide should be easy, accessible, and uncomplicated. That’s why they’ve integrated Air Sous Vide into their wall ovens.

How is Air Sous Vide Different?

Traditional sous vide (meaning “under vacuum” in French) uses vacuum-sealed pouches of food in a circulated water bath to cook foods at low temperatures for a long time, sealing in flavor, nutrients, and maintaining desired textures. Because traditional sous vide uses a water bath and a vacuum sealer, it can be inconvenient and messy.

Air Sous Vide applies the same technique and philosophy: low and slow to minimize food and nutrition loss and prepare juicy meats, crisp vegetables, and delectable desserts with very little fuss. But instead of using water, the uniquely designed Electrolux oven uses air instead!

Electrolux Air Sous Vide

Most ovens cannot go below 170°, and many brands of ovens see fluctuations up and down of up to 25°. The Electrolux oven can maintain a constant, steady temperature between 100° and 205°. This allows for the low-temperature, long-time (LTLT) technique that makes sous vide so desirable, but without having to use water or even have vacuum-sealed food packs.

What Air Sous Vide Means for Your Customers

When you start to talk about selecting appliances with your clients, one of your first questions is probably about their cooking styles and priorities. For clients who prefer cooking with fresh ingredients, a new Electrolux Wall Oven with Air Sous Vide is a great option.

With Air Sous Vide, homeowners can prepare a wide variety of fresh dishes, from appetizers to entrées and sides to desserts. Whether they are looking to prepare weeknight family meals or love to entertain, Air Sous Vide is the must-have oven feature they want. They can skip the water baths, vacuum sealers, clutter, and extra appliances while still enjoying the benefit of this incredible cooking technique. And with the LTLT method, they won’t overcook the food.

Sous vide has never been easier. Do you have a client who would love to add Air Sous Vide to their culinary repertoire? Show them the Electrolux wall oven and all the culinary techniques it offers, including Air Sous Vide, at Friedman’s showroom.

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