Air Sous Vide: Your New Culinary Best Friend

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Sous vide cooking may sound intimidating. But this cooking technique is not only easy to master, the resulting dishes are astounding. Traditional sous vide (meaning “under vacuum” in French) uses vacuum-sealed pouches in a circulated water bath to cook foods at low temperatures for a long time, locking in flavor and nutrients and maintaining desired textures. Electrolux thinks the benefits of sous vide should be easy, accessible, and uncomplicated.

What is Air Sous Vide?

Because traditional sous vide uses a water bath and vacuum sealer, it can be inconvenient—having to drag out additional machines and such. Fortunately, Electrolux has an exclusive feature available in their wall ovens: Air Sous Vide.

Air Sous Vide applies the same technique and philosophy: low and slow to minimize food and nutrition loss and prepare juicy meats, crisp vegetables, and delectable desserts with little fuss. But instead of using water, the uniquely designed ovens use air.

Most ovens cannot go below 170° F, and many oven brands see fluctuations up and down of up to 25° F. The Electrolux oven can maintain a constant, steady temperature between 100° F and 205° F, which allows for the low-temperature long-time (LTLT) technique that makes sous vide so desirable, but without having to use water or vacuum-sealed food packs.

Electrolux Air Sous Vide

What Air Sous Vide Can Mean for You

Fresh is always best. Fresh ingredients and whole foods with minimal processing and additives are not only healthier for you and your family, but they taste better too. With Air Sous Vide, you can prepare a wide variety of fresh dishes, from appetizers and entrées to sides and desserts. You can make family favorites like lemon and rosemary salmon or a juicy ribeye steak. Or elevate your dining experience with a moist, perfectly medium rare duck breast with crisp asparagus, and finish the meal with a decadent homemade cheesecake.

Whether you’re preparing a weeknight meal for your family or entertaining guests on a Saturday night, Air Sous Vide is your new culinary best friend. No matter what you’re cooking, you don’t have to babysit the food. With the LTLT method, you won’t overcook your food. No rubbery steaks or dried out chicken. And your kids may find they actually like vegetables when cooked with Air Sous Vide. Nothing mushy or oily about these veggies!

Skip the water baths, vacuum sealers, and extra appliances while still enjoying the benefit of this incredible cooking technique. Sous vide has never been easier. Stop by Friedman’s Appliances to learn more about Air Sous Vide and Electrolux ovens.


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