Being Thoughtful with Ancillary Spaces

Thermador wine undercounter coffee

Bring Thermador into ancillary spaces to add a touch of luxury. Whether you’re enhancing your closet or completing your wet bar, refine your daily rituals with Thermador luxury smart appliances, designed for exceptional living.

Customize Your Favorite Small Spaces

To keep your juices flowing and your beverages, consider customizing small spaces around your home set aside for those daily moments you treasure. Whether you are winding down for the day, taking a moment to be creative or perking up for a night out, add an Undercounter Wine Reserve or a Built-in Coffee Machine from Thermador to smaller spaces where you find yourself living.

The After-Dinner Artisan

We make much of our beloved coffee and espressos at home. With cabinetry near the den, you’ve created an area for relaxation to enjoy your favorite espresso. Give your guests a personalized touch within reach of after-dinner conversations by adding a Thermador Built-in Coffee Machine. No need to walk across the house for creamers and milk, you discretely added Thermador Undercounter Refrigeration nearby to complement any evening of good conversation and friends.

The Cordial Host

Hosting family or friends for special occasions is just who you are. But you’ve thought ahead to make their visit a pleasant and memorable experience. Adding the Thermador Wine Preservation Column into your kitchen completes your dinner with a great selection always ready and within arm’s reach. You took the next step to add Undercounter Refrigeration from Thermador to your second floor or that distant bedroom, giving your guests a small touch of convenience during their stay.

Conveniences of the kitchen added to ancillary spaces, an experience in exceptional living, gives new purpose to small spaces and greater meaning to the relationships you cherish.

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