Complimentary Use and Care Services

Have you ever forgotten how to use your appliances after you purchase them? It seems like you spent months planning the perfect kitchen renovation and then you’re disappointed once your appliances are installed because you just don’t know how to use or care for them. How do you make the best use of all their features? It was so long ago when you reviewed the features in the showroom, so the instructions are nothing but a distant memory. Don’t worry, the sales professionals at Friedman’s are ready and happy to help. They can come to your home after the appliances are installed and walk you through the key features and capabilities of your new appliances. The best part is it’s complimentary, so you don’t have to worry about any fees or charges for the extra help. It’s just another way Friedman’s shows more dedication to you and your home.


Authorized Service & Repair
Over 30 years serving Knoxville
Certified Installation
Protecting Your Investment

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