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Beautiful white Cafe range

You have a unique style, one that is all your own. You are the kind of person who tries trends and creates new combinations that no one else would think of. You want every space in your home, including your kitchen, to showcase your style. But when you go shopping for appliances, they all look the same and stay with the same safe trends. Now you don’t have to settle for bland or boring. You can get the custom hardware and premium finishes that you want in your kitchen.

This collection is designed to fit the stylish consumer who wants to bring his or her unique design choices into the home without compromising affordability.

The Matte Collection, from GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, is the first line of fully customizable kitchen appliances for its new Café brand. This line offers brushed bronze, brushed stainless, brushed copper and brushed black hardware and luxury matte finishes that you won’t find anywhere else. This collection is designed to fit the stylish consumer who wants to bring his or her unique design choices into the home without compromising affordability.

“We strive to be responsive to our consumers’ wants and needs. This [collection] revolutionizes the purchasing process because it allows consumers to create exactly what they want in the appearance of their appliances. The Café Matte Collection marries luxury with affordability, allowing hardware to be continually updated to fit the latest trends and style preferences,” said Rick Hasselbeck, chief commercial officer for GE Appliances.

Custom Hardware Choices

GE Cafe Matte Collection custom hardware

Now GE consumers have the option to change their handles and knobs to different finishes that bring their visions to life. The Matte Collection is offered commercially in suites of Matte White with brushed bronze hardware and Matte Black with brushed stainless hardware. Additionally, each handle in The Matte Collection will carry a copper cuff with a discreet Café logo. This collection also allows consumers to order additional hardware in the store if they choose to re-design the look for further customization.

Premium Finishes

Ge Cafe Matte Collection in white

The Matte Collection’s premium finishes in Matte White and Matte Black seamlessly complement premium cabinetry and flooring. With a luxe look and a smudge-resistant, soft-touch feel, Matte White allows owners to create pops of brightness against dark cabinetry or a seamless blend in an all-white kitchen. Matte Black is a sophisticated and grounding finish that can add flair and balance to style-forward kitchens and complement existing kitchen elements such as stone, wood, brick and eggshell hues.

The Matte Collection Café appliances are now available for order. Come into Friedman’s today to place your custom order. We have exactly what you are looking for in your kitchen design.


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