Customizing a Wolf Module Cooktop with a Foodie’s Ideal Features

Wolf modules cooktop

There are lots of moving parts in any kitchen design. Creating a dream workspace for the prolific home cook is a particularly tall order. Understanding your client’s cooking style can help point the way.


Does your client enjoy cooking with gas or induction – or both? What foods are most often on the home menu? What tools will aid in preparing them? Does the cook prefer working solo or with a sous-chef? These insights add up to your client’s ideal kitchen.


A multi-tasking cooktop ranks high on most must-have lists. The specifics vary by individual cook. Customization proves to be the key to fulfilling a foodie’s dream.

Module cooktops from Wolf give you design flexibility. The à la carte system allows you to select any combination of modules to create a custom cooktop with the specialty functions your client requires.

Wolf Module Gallery


The family of Wolf modules consists of eight 15-inch cooktops, including the electric, gas, and induction standards. Specialty modules offer an array of options:

  • Multifunction: Are stir-fry meals in the regular rotation? This module provides a sculpted flame courtesy of a high-output 22,000 Btu gas burner and a two-in-one grate for standard or wok cooking.
  • Fryer: For the frying enthusiast, this module produces lighter and crispier foods without unnecessary grease. A special melt feature keeps fats from burning.
  • Grill: The weather doesn’t have to dampen dinner plans with this option. Independent heating modules can grill multiple items at once, and ceramic briquettes boost flavor and heat.
  • Steamer: This hard-working module, with a powerful 2,700-watt heating element, does everything from proofing bread to steaming meats, grains, and vegetables. It even doubles as a slow-cooker.
  • Teppanyaki: To replicate the hibachi-restaurant experience at home, this induction-heat module offers a flexible cooking surface that bridges two independently controlled zones.

With a transitional look, the modules complement a variety of kitchen design styles. They also easily integrate with Wolf’s full-size cooktops. 

The modular design of Wolf’s cooktops makes it easy to customize a workspace. For more tips on designing a gourmet kitchen for your client with the heart of a foodie, check out this Remodeling post and stop by our showroom to talk with a specialist.

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