Design Trend: 3 Styles of Statement Hoods

Zephyr Wave White Hood
Zephyr 36″ Wave Wall

So much more than a source of ventilation, hoods have become a focal point and a design statement in trendsetting kitchens. Various hood styles reflect all kinds of kitchens – from farmhouse to traditional to modern. 


Combining fashionable looks with fully concealed ventilation pair well in the current minimalist style trend. Many of these hoods are a seamless fit into the style aesthetic of a kitchen, designed to mimic a light fixture or an otherwise concealed ventilation source moonlighting as a focal point. From another standpoint, a simple box frame style built to hide the hood makes a minimalist statement as well. It gives a clean, polished look to a modern kitchen. 

Monogram Hood
Monogram 36″ Custom Hood Insert


Wood hoods can be decorative or simple, a raw finish, painted to match the cabinetry or contrasting to make a statement. They can lend to a variety of styles depending on their treatment. 

Wolf Hood
Wolf Ceiling or Cabinet Mounted Ventilation


Stainless steel is a very common finish for range hoods, but we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of other metals, such as brass and copper. These beautiful finishes tie in well with matching metal cabinetry hardware or range detailing. 

Whether minimalist and almost hidden or brightly colored and eye-catching, hoods make a statement in your kitchen. What’s your style, and which hood would fit best into your dream kitchen? Visit Friedman’s today, and let’s find out.


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