Double Compressors: Why Two Is Better Than One

Bosch open refrigerator

Most refrigerator models have a single compressor that does the work for both the refrigerator and freezer. The compressor pressurizes or compresses refrigerant gas to create cool air, and then a fan then pushes this air into the refrigerator to keep it cool. When you have just one compressor the air from the refrigerated section and the freezer section all run through the same compressor, which can cause odors to be shared by both spaces. It also takes a lot of energy to control the different temperature and humidity needs of each section through one compressor.

But Bosch refrigerators now boast two compressors—one dedicated to the freezer and one for the fridge. These two sections of your fridge have very different needs and the dual compressor creates separate zones to manage the temperature and humidity of each. The fridge section should be 33° to 43° and has high and low humidity zones to help preserve fresh produce longer. The freezer sections should be -7° to 6° and have low humidity to prevent frost from building up. With these separate zones, you also eliminate odor transfer between the zones and keep your food fresh up to three times longer. Dual compressor options are also more energy efficient because each compressor maintains its separate zone.

This is just one of the amazing features in Bosch, the world’s most advanced refrigerator. Come in today to see all the features this line has to offer and discover why two is better than one!


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