Electrolux: Where Luxury Meets Sustainability

Electrolux kitchen

Your clients want high-end, beautiful appliances in their newly appointed space. They want luxury appliances equipped with exclusive features perfect for modern entertaining and with flexible options in techniques. But they also want to minimize their impact on the environment, insisting on brands for whom sustainability is emphasized. As a designer or builder, you may feel like your client is asking for a unicorn.

Take a deep breath and explore Electrolux appliances.

Dedication to Sustainability

Founded in Sweden and with a century of experience, sustainability is at the heart of Electrolux. From manufacturing processes to their products, sustainability matters. Electrolux begins their sustainability through innovative use of materials, incorporating recycled plastic into new products. They strive, and have an active plan in place, to create a circular business (sustainable packaging, increase of spare parts of repair, etc.) and be climate neutral.

Other corporate strategies include planting trees for every Electrolux appliance registered; focusing on good human relations; including diversity, inclusion, human rights, and anti-corruption policies at plants; and maintaining a forward-thinking philosophy. They have created the Team of Change Makers, who seek input from 15-20-year-olds to find out what climate concerns and innovations are important to them, then plan accordingly. Sustainability, for Electrolux, involves caring for the planet as well as the people.

Exclusive Techniques

In your clients’ homes, the products continue to be sustainable by featuring maximized resource efficiency, reducing food waste through innovation, and minimizing nutrition loss during cooking. Unique cooking methods available in Electrolux ovens include Air Sous Vide

In traditional sous vide, a vacuum-sealed packet of food is submerged in a circulating water bath. This maintains an even temperature to cook food low and slow, ensuring a perfectly juicy and tender cut of meat, crisp vegetables, and more… all with very little monitoring.

Electrolux uses advanced technology to apply the “sous vide” philosophy of consistent airflow and temperature, reducing the heat fluctuation common to most ovens, but without the water bath. Unlike most ovens, Electrolux can maintain a constant temperature between 100° and 205°, allowing for low and slow cooking. This is a unique feature as most other ovens cannot go below 170°. Streamline your kitchen by reducing the clutter of an additional appliance while having the benefit of Air Sous Vide cooking.

Global Innovation, Local Presence

Electrolux can also help meet the exacting needs of both you and your clients through their local presence. In the summer of 2021, Electrolux opened a new 525,000 square foot warehouse in Springfield, Tennessee. This is just the first part of the $250 million expansion to the existing manufacturing campus. Buying Electrolux kitchen appliances could mean shorter lead times and supports the local Tennessee community and economy.

When you and your client are ready to select appliances that hit the sweet spot where luxury meets sustainability, reach out to a Friedman’s expert.

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