Enhance Home Cooking with Total Convection by Frigidaire Gallery

Frigidaire Gallery wall oven with total convection

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a successful home-cooked meal, whether it’s a new epicurean dish or a recipe that has been a family favorite for generations. On the other hand, nothing deflates a day like lovingly preparing a meal, only to have it be overcooked and dry, undercooked, or otherwise rendered inedible by the cooking equipment.

You want all of the tools you need to create your home-cooked favorites, but it can feel annoying and frustrating to have your kitchen cluttered with unsightly, bulky appliances that aren’t used daily. Life has enough challenges. Shouldn’t the kitchen be equipped for easy success? Frigidaire thinks so.

Enhanced Home Cooking

All of the individual appliances you have in your kitchen serve very specific purposes and can make for easy and enhanced cooking. In the last few years, air fryers have exploded in their usefulness and recipes abound. Slow cooking and sous vide practically guarantee tender, moist meat every time. And those are great. But what if you could find all these tools—and more—in one appliance? Frigidaire Gallery offers enhanced home cooking in the stylish convenience of a wall oven with Total Convection.

What is Total Convection?

The Frigidaire Gallery wall oven is proof that not all ovens are created equally. Featuring a fan to circulate the air, Total Convection surrounds your dish with steady, consistent temperatures. It can revolutionize your kitchen and enhance your home cooking.

Features include:

  • No Preheat
  • Lower temperatures than traditional ovens
  • Air Fry
  • Steam Bake
  • Steam Roast
  • Air Sous Vide
  • And more!

What can Total Convection Mean for Me?

The features sound intriguing, but what can they actually mean for you and your cooking? Total Convection provides exceptional versatility in the kitchen. 

Lower temperatures allow both Slow Cook and Air Sous Vide techniques. You can slow cook your favorite pot roast without cluttering the counter. And Air Sous Vide allows low temp cooking over a longer time without the required water bath, vacuum sealing, and additional equipment associated with traditional sous vide. Your Air Sous Vide dish will be flavor packed with crisp vegetables and tender meats.

Love fried foods but not the mess or the guilt? Then you know how amazing air frying can be. No or very little oil is required, but foods still deliver the crunch and flavor you come to expect from your fried favorites. But air frying requires yet another piece of equipment. And usually, you have to cook them in small batches, which is very inconvenient if you’re cooking more than a couple of servings. Air Fry your entire batch in the oven with Total Convection.

Steam Bake your favorite breads, rolls, muffins, and cakes. You’ll have moist cakes and bread with a perfect crust and a soft interior. You’ll also get fluffier and higher rises every time over traditional baking. And if you’re putting time and energy into baking, shouldn’t your oven maximize just how awesome it turns out?

Learn more about all that Total Convection can do to enhance your home cooking when you visit the knowledgeable team at Friedman’s.


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