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dinner party

It’s finally here. This is the first time in a year you’ve opened up your home to entertain a few friends.

As you’re catching up with everyone, laughing, and having the time of your life, you offer to go refill some drinks and then you realize – you’re out of ice.

And you need to run to the store for more.

This scenario is all too familiar. Running out of ice in the middle of a get-together or holiday party might possibly be one of the most annoying and inconvenient situations, because even though you’re hosting, you want to have some fun too, right?

As you start opening up your home for a small-scale happy hour or low-key dinner party, a separate icemaker can play a pivotal role in helping your social experience run smoothly.

U-Line ice maker

Undercounter ice makers not only save you time by not having to run to the store, but there’s no sloppy mess from the bag of ice on the counter, and they help create great drinks with the large variety of crystal-clear ice cubes available. Your ice options include crescent to rapidly chill drinks, flaked thin ice for blended drinks, gourmet octagon-shaped ice that won’t dilute drinks, slow-melting full or half-cubes, and nugget ice which is soft and chewy.

Some ice makers can produce up to 60lbs of ice per day. If you’re wondering about efficiency, a lot of models offer an energy-saving eco-mode, and some even have delay-mode which can delay making ice overnight while you sleep or while you’re out of town. And most models offer built-in capabilities and are panel-ready so you can slide it right into your cabinet run and no one will ever notice!

Whether it’s a quick morning smoothie, slushies for the kids, or a full cooler for all the drinks that keep you hydrated, adding an ice maker to your home’s repertoire is an absolute must-have. No one wants to hear ‘We’re out of ice…’

Make entertaining easier on yourself by adding one of the latest models to your home so you no longer have to worry about missing those rare moments that only happen once.

Visit our showroom and we will help you find the right model to fit your needs!


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