Bigger May Not Always Be Best: Ergonomic Design Makes a Difference in Refrigeration

Have you ever been frustrated looking for items in your fridge? Sometimes you end up unloading the whole thing just to find the one ingredient you need. Often you find items that have been long forgotten and now are too spoiled to use. But what if an ergonomic design could help preserve the life of your favorite ingredients and make preparing delicious meals a seamless experience?


When it comes to refrigerators, one of the most common themes of Bosch’s customer research was that food, beverages, and other items stored in the refrigerator or freezer often got lost or, worse, forgotten in both compartments. The further back items were placed, the more commonly they were forgotten. What’s the point of having all that space in the refrigerator if you can’t find the items you need?

Bosch’s goal was to simplify this challenge through good design, and their two-part solution includes improved shelving and exceptional lighting.

Whether you prefer built-in or freestanding refrigeration, their interior shelving solutions provide improved ergonomic function and usability. Adjustable split glass shelving creates space for tall or bulky items while full-length cantilever (height adjustable) racks are designed to make it easier to modify the height of the shelves. No more hunching over to rummage through items at the back of the refrigerator or standing on your toes to shuffle contents around to create space for other items. With adjustable shelving, you can find exactly what you need, when you need it, from a more neutral position.

In order to make it easier to find items, Bosch made them easier to see within the refrigerator. To achieve this, they installed sidewall LED lights in the front of the unit angled towards the back, as opposed to lights at the top of the unit angled down. This simple change illuminates the entire cavity from top to bottom, making it nearly impossible to obstruct the light and lose track of your items.

To address these same issues in the freezer, they created a two-drawer freezer on the new 800 Series Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator. This simple design modification makes it easy to store and find food items while making efficient use of the space. Two rows of storage simplify organization, adding more “surface” area to the freezer. Instead of being buried in the post-shopping frenzy, every item has a place and is easy to find.

Come find this efficient and consumer-oriented design at Friedman’s Appliances. You will see in person how the new shelving and lighting will help make the best use of your refrigerated space.


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