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Integrated refrigeration is an extraordinary innovation that allows you to step out of a predictable layout and create a custom-designed kitchen that is just as functional as it is beautiful. Sub-Zero does an exceptional job with integrated refrigeration by making it green. It’s built in the U.S. and they focus on energy efficiency, amazing longevity, and keeping food fresher for longer.

Eight of the Sub-Zero integrated models earn the ENERGY STAR® qualification. Even their largest model uses less energy than a 100-watt light bulb. Plus, Sub-Zero is dedicated to reducing waste by practicing responsible manufacturing. All of the scrap plastic they use is returned to the plastic manufacturer, so it can be reused. What’s even more amazing is that 75 percent of the stainless steel and up to 50 percent of the plastic in their products are made from recycled material.

Sub-Zero does simulated life span testing to ensure their products will last. For example, their hinges are opened and closed up to 600,000 times! This extensive testing keeps their appliances in your home and out of landfills.

Their advanced preservation technology reduces waste by keeping food fresher for longer. Dual refrigeration on refrigerator/freezer models creates the ideal storage conditions because each side has its own sealed system run by a dedicated compressor so they don’t have to share. This allows the refrigerator to stay cool and moist while the freezer keeps low humidity to prevent freezer burn. Plus, the microprocessors keep temperatures steady, so they’re always within one degree of the set point.

Now, you can get the beauty of integrated refrigeration and feel good about the fact that you’re helping to protect the environment as well.


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