The Induction Free-Standing Range You’ve Been Waiting For

The new induction free-standing range from Electrolux is truly an innovative appliance. It’s great because it saves you time when preparing meals while giving you food that tastes like it’s cooked by a professional chef. The precision in cooking quality is exceptional. When you use this oven, you can be confident that your chocolate will melt perfectly and your meat will be seared just the way you like it. Better temperature control and more even cooking are just two of the benefits you get from this induction range. You can even boil water in a mere 90 seconds with the Power Assist® feature. Plus, it’s more energy efficient than an electric or gas range.

The oven on this range is spectacular in and of itself. It’s got Perfect Convect 3®, which allows you to bake food 30 percent faster while giving you even results on all your baked goods. Plus, it’s got a third convection element, so you’ll have even more baking options. You’ll be able to preheat the oven 25 percent faster than with traditional ovens, thanks to the rapid preheat feature. The oven also has a great self-cleaning system called the Fresh Clean™ that cleans ovens without all the odor or smoke you get from a conventional self-cleaning oven.

The free-standing range from Electrolux is one appliance you’ll want to add to your home. You’ll be preparing chef-quality meals in no time. Go see this appliance in-store and you’ll be amazed by what you see. It’s just what you’ve been waiting for.


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