Intelligently Designed Integrated Refrigeration

Sub-Zero Refrigeration

The new line of integrated refrigeration from Sub-Zero gives consumers products that are focused on freshness technology with advanced performance features. Plus, the column, tall, and drawer refrigerators are available in five widths, giving homeowners a plethora of design options. The new size options provide flexibility, so the units can easily be placed anywhere in the home.

The new line features separate, sealed cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer, so each type of food can be preserved to the optimal level. Cross-compartment flavor contamination and freezer burn are a thing of the past because dual refrigeration eliminates both. The new air purification system in these units is amazing because it cleans the air by getting rid of mold, bacteria, viruses, and ethylene gas, which can all cause food to spoil. Another great feature of the new units is a drawer that is designed with a lower temperature and higher humidity zone, which is ideal for storing produce and meats. Freshness cards that have instructions on how to properly store food are included as well.

Not only are these refrigerator units very functional, but they’re beautiful too. Stainless steel is available along with an endless supply of design treatment options. They can easily blend in with cabinetry and décor. Once you see this new line of integrated refrigeration from Sub-Zero, you’ll agree that they’re intelligently designed with the latest technology and innovation available.


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