Loving on Your Grill

Not the time of year to be thinking about your grill? Perhaps you should because winterizing your grill is serious stuff and avoiding the topic can cost you time and money.

Grills of all shapes, sizes, and price points have a few main things in common. Most grills have plastic parts somewhere within their construction. Whether you have plastic knobs or plastic parts under knobs and in other unknown places, winter wreaks havoc on unprotected plastic parts. If moisture gets around plastic parts on an uncovered grill and turns to ice, it expands and the plastic begins to split and crack. Next spring when you go to use your grill, you could have an unwelcome surprise. Cover up your grill or even better, drop by Friedman’s Appliances for a grill cover that will fit your needs.

Have you ever opened your grill in those first days of warm weather to find a rust bucket of parts? Winter weather is a time where blowing snow and moisture can sneak into places that you did not expect. Cooking grates become rusted, and sometimes even the edges of your stainless steel surfaces and edges can begin to rust. The best way to protect your grates is by using a common oil you would use on your grill when cooking. Put a light coating over the grates to reduce the chance of rusting. Grills with a stainless steel outer skin need to be carefully polished with a stainless steel cleaner as the cleaner will give greater protection against rust as well.

So now you have a couple of secrets to protecting your most loved grill over the winter. And when you open that baby up in the spring and begin cooking, you owe me a steak!


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