Maintaining Your Laundry Room Appliances

Speed Queen top load laundry pair

It just takes a little TLC to keep your washing machine and dryer running efficiently and effectively.

Washing Machines

It may seem strange that a machine designed to clean needs to be cleaned, but sometimes the inside can get stained and odors can linger. A simple wash cycle with hot water and bleach – without laundry – can take care of stains and odor-causing mold that may be lurking inside your machine. Adding bleach through the dispenser will ensure that it mixes well with hot water.

Electrolux Front Load Pair

If your machine is front loading, cleaning the rubber seal on the door regularly can help prevent mold growth (as well as the accompanying odor). Wiping down the door and gasket with every wash is ideal, and leaving the door ajar when it’s not in use will help dry the interior.

Liquid fabric softener and soap residue can build up in your machine’s dispensers; therefore these dispensers should be cleaned regularly or as often as you see the need. Your manufacturer may have specific instructions for removing and cleaning the dispensers for your unit, so we recommend always checking your product guide first. An old toothbrush can be an effective tool for scrubbing residue. Just scrub, rinse with water, and allow to dry before returning the dispenser to its rightful place.

Did you know that using the correct amount of detergent can help minimize residue? Make sure you read the detergent labels for usage directions and remind anyone else in your home that does laundry to do the same.


For your dryer, you already know that keeping the lint trap clean with each use is important to keep it running efficiently and to prevent fires. Every few months, it’s a good idea to clean a little deeper. Use your vacuum to clean extra dust and lint that has accumulated around and under the trap and in the exhaust hose. Check your manufacturer’s manual for how to open and clean these areas properly.

Electrolux Dryer Lint

If your dryer has a moisture sensor, try to remember to wipe it down, keeping it clear of lint and dust, so that it can do its job. Your manufacturer’s manual will tell you where the sensor is located on your machine.

Finally, a damp or sudsy cloth is generally all that’s needed for shining up the outside of your machines, as some cleaning products may harm the finish.

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