Make a Small Kitchen Great

So your client surprises you with a smaller idea. Before you tell them it’s impossible to create a great kitchen in a small space, stop and remind yourself of the wonderful options you have with some unusual appliances.

They want two ovens, but they either don’t have the room to create wall oven space or they don’t want to afford the expense of new cabinetry. Go back to our article about convection microwaves. While some of us still see microwaves as appliances for popcorn and heating up leftovers, the truth is that today’s best microwaves are actually second ovens.


They want more space in their refrigerator for larger entertaining events, but they don’t have room for a huge built-in refrigerator. Look for refrigerator drawers that can replace those under-used, under-counter cabinets. Within a very small space, they can add the space of nearly half of another refrigerator.


They want two dishwashers and it may not be because they have a large family. Your client may want the convenience of small loads and a cleaner sink that doesn’t house dirty dishes till the current cycle is complete. This type of strategy keeps the kitchen sink almost always spotless and one way to accomplish this in a small space is with dishdrawers, which are two dishwashers in the single 24” space of a typical dishwasher. One of the finest brands making double dishdrawer dishwashers is DCS. DCS continues to be the benchmark of quality in dishdrawers and your client will never forget how you solved their problems with this wonder of ingenuity.


They want a pro-style kitchen, but without the pro-style space. Pro-style kitchens can include multiple appliances with 48″ pro-style ranges, built-in appliances, and more. While everyone wishes their kitchen could be spacious enough for all this, your client has to deal with a much smaller area. One of the most innovative kitchen lines that is very appealing to clients desiring a pro-style kitchen is GE Café. The Café line is unique because it not only has the pro-style look, but it also has some fantastic options that even go beyond features in those bigger luxury brands.

So the next time you have a client challenge you with a small kitchen design, don’t pull out the sledgehammer. Instead, ask us about these unique appliances and even more that will give your client a wonderful set of options for a small, but exciting kitchen experience.

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