Monogram’s Trade Resources Make Your Job Easier

Monogram kitchen

When designing a kitchen, you need reliable product information at your fingertips. And when you’re looking for a little creative inspiration or some problem-solving tips, you need a trusted source. Monogram covers all these bases with their helpful trade resources and illuminating blog. Take a look at their offerings.

Explore Finishes through Material Bank

Monogram has partnered with Material Bank to simplify the selections process. Material Bank is a comprehensive material marketplace for architects, designers, and builders that allows you to easily search products and order free samples of Monogram’s finishes. The best part? Your samples are delivered overnight.

Place Monogram Appliances in Your 3D Designs

Most likely, creating a 3D model of your kitchen design has become an indispensable step in your process. Monogram appliances are available for placement in popular 3D design tools including SketchUp, 2020, and Chief Architect. You can select their appliances with confidence, knowing they will fit the space and your vision perfectly.

Access Digital Product Information

Monogram maintains a comprehensive database of product specifications, use & care manuals, CAD files, installation instructions, and energy guides. This online clearinghouse, searchable by model number, provides convenient access to all the information you need.

Gain Inspiration and Insight with Save Room for Design

Monogram’s Save Room for Design blog provides an insider’s glimpse into sensational renovations and new-construction projects, sharing lessons learned along the way. It also offers advice on overcoming common design challenges, such as adapting an awkward layout. Of course, the blog covers the latest product innovations, too.

These trade resources and enlightening blog can help make the design process easier and spark creativity. For additional inspiration, you won’t want to miss this Open Door video from Architectural Digest. Follow along as actor and wellness entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow – who is also Monogram’s spokesperson and ambassador – gives a behind-the-scenes tour of the Montecito home she conjured from the ground up. The kitchen serves as the heart of her home, and Monogram appliances are central to her knock-out design.

Visit Friedman’s showroom to learn more about Monogram’s offerings and see their luxury appliances firsthand.

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