New Features Make Life Easier

GE Front Load Washers and Dryers have made brilliantly simple changes to significantly improve the comfort and ease of doing laundry.

They have designed their newest models with Built-In Risers so you don’t have to kneel, stoop, and strain to do the laundry.  The new RightHeight™ Design puts your clothes within easy reach.  Plus you can use the top as a folding surface.  It’s amazing the difference a few inches can make.

The new Overnight Dry option allows you to wash and dry a small load of clothes overnight.  You don’t have to stay up late waiting to transfer clothes to the dryer.  With Overnight Dry, the next morning you wake up to fresh, clean results.  You might even have a few extra minutes for another cup of coffee.

Finally, the Stain Removal Guide is pre-programmed with the ideal wash settings to tackle five common stains: tomato, blood, dirt, wine, and grass. No more scrubbing the Internet for stain removal advice that may or may not work.  The Stain Removal Guide automatically adjusts the water temperature, spin speed, wash action, and soak time for any cycle.  Now you can spend time searching the Internet for other things and let your GE front load washer figure out the stains.


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