Outdoor Entertaining: Tips for Designing a Great Space

Two couples having a dinner party in a backyard

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining, and now is the perfect time to redesign your space so that you can enjoy it all summer long. Whether you have just moved into a new space or are looking for ways to liven up an old space, we’ve gathered some of our favorite tips for you.


First consider the natural lighting. Will the setting sun be in your eyes? You may want to add a sun shade, canopy or patio umbrella to help shield the space from the sun. Or will you be in the dark by sunset? Consider lights on a string or a hanging chandelier from the tree branch for an extra special touch. Candlelight or a fire creates a special ambience when the stars come out.

Uninvited Guests

One of the hazards of dining outdoors are the bugs. Add some plants that naturally repel mosquitoes like lemongrass, citronella, begonias or marigolds. You can also add a moving water feature that can create a mist and sound that dissipates the pests.


The outdoors is a great space to get creative. You can keep it consistent with the indoor decor or you can go in a different direction. It’s also a great space to combine different elements like mixing wood with stone or mixing different vintage metal chairs with a wood table. Add a pop of color with a bright tablecloth or pillows, or keep it natural with centerpieces designed with foliage from your yard.

Table Placement

The size of your space dictates your options for positioning the table. The smaller the space, the fewer options you have. Large comfy chairs with a low table are a great casual dining option that combines eating and lounging. You may also want to consider adding benches instead of chairs as a way to optimize space.

No matter how you design your space, put the table close to the kitchen to make it easy to get all the delicious food to the table. Come to Friedman’s for everything you need to equip your kitchen and make sure entertaining is easy all summer long.

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